Welcome to Friends of Toby

Welcome to Friends of Toby

No animal is perfect, but every animal deserves a perfect furrever home!

Welcome to Friends of Toby!

We are an animal advocacy group focusing on "harder-to-adopt" and "long-stay" rescue animals in the DFW area. These animals have been at a shelter, rescue or in foster care longer than the average animal and are often overlooked.

Our goal is to partner with local rescues and shelters to bring more attention to their animals who have not been adopted yet and therefore have been housed at their facility longer than others. Oftentimes these “harder to home” animals are considered a bully-breed, are seniors, have social or anxiety issues, have missing limbs, along with other quirks. Here at Friends of Toby, it is our mission to find the right family who doesn't see them as different, but rather sees them as the special animal they are!

We partner with rescues and shelters all across Dallas and Fort Worth, but that doesn’t mean the adopter has to be local! We are hoping that through your support and sharing of these animals' triumphant stories, they will have the opportunity at a wonderful life anywhere that may be!

Please take a look at some of our recent Featured Animals. All the animals below are still in need of that furrever home!

Featured Rescue Animals Looking for Love!

Below are all the current rescue animals we are working with who are still available for adoption. They come from different rescues and shelters across DFW, so if you see someone who might be a fit, click to learn more!

Sponsor a Horse!

These Rescue Horses are currently residing with an Independent Rescuer in North Dallas. Many have come from racing, breeding and training. They are now looking for sponsors to help assist in their daily care. You can come and love on them and spoil them!

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Gomez & Morticia Addams

 After being found on Halloween night five years ago, they've been living with their Foster Mom just waiting for that right human to come take them home! They are a little shy, but show their love when they are happy!

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That's right, it's the Great Gatsby and he wants to be a part of your family! After being adopted as a puppy, but then returned when they got a new dog, he's really needing a family who won't give up on him. He is a one animal house-hold dog, but don't worry, his love and happiness is all you'll need! 

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Twix & Tucker

These cuties are inseparable. We thought they were going to have to be single-animal homes, but once they found each other, they were besties! They may play rough, but they love each other and want a home where they can be the boys they are! 

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This beautiful senior girl will have you playing all day! She may be 13 years old, but has the spirit of a much younger dog. She was returned after 10 years of being with a family, so she's looking for her true furrever home! If you have room for this sweet and playful girl, let us know!

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This young stud is not even 2 years old! He loves to go on walks, has a great "wiggle butt" and really enjoys snuggling up after a day of fun! Looking for a foster or adopter to get him out of boarding!

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She is the cutest 6 year old pocket pittie, but don't let her tiny size fool you! She has so much energy, loves to give kisses and play with toys. Due to her past, she needs to be the only animals, but she's a bit-sized dog with all the love you'll need! 

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Big dog lovers, Maggie is waiting for you! She's a very smart, loyal and a cuddly girl ready for a family!

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This sweet girl is just 4 years old and found staving in rural Texas. Now she's back to health and ready for a family to pick her! 

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This gorgeous girl is 8 yrs young and has a bum front paw, but she's still a love machine!

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Gorgeous gal who is looking to be the only pet and give you all her love! 

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Gizmo is a handsome 3 year old boy who is ready to be your best friend and cuddle buddy! 

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Beautiful girl who was used for backyard breeding but now is just looking for the domesticated life!

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This adorable 6 year old Husky girl would love to find a fun and active family to spoil her all day long! 

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This adorable 4 year old girl was found starved, but now she's happy, healthy and looking for a home to spoil her! 

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Cutie Kiera is a total sweetheart looking for a foster or adopter! She's learning what domestic life is all about, and she's a fan! 

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This gorgeous 6 year old gal is looking to be the queen of the house! She's very sweet and loves to chat with her people!

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Jade & Oreo

These bonded siblings are the cuties! They might be a little shy at first, but they will make amazing furry friends! 

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Meet Friends of Toby!

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We are an animal advocacy group focusing on "harder-to-adopt" and "long-stay" rescue animals in the DFW area. These animals have been at a shelter, rescue or in foster care longer than the average animal and are often overlooked. We help find them that perfect furrever home!

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