What we do!

Friends of Toby was founded in 2020 out of Dallas, Texas by a group of animal-loving women. They wanted to make a difference for those animals who had been waiting far too long for that loving home.

We are an animal advocacy group who partners with local shelters and rescues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They will reach out when they have an animal who is continually getting overlooked. When a group identifies an animals they need help with, Friends of Toby is able to help in many different ways:
1. We send out a volunteer photographer to take professional pictures, dress the animal up and photograph the animal outside of the shelter atmosphere. Final pictures will be shared on the website and all social media outlets.
2. We send out a volunteer videographer to shoot video of the animal to help showcase how the animals interacts with humans outside of a caged environment. Final video will be shared on the website and all social media outlets.
3. We partner with local restaurants, bars and festivals to put on adoption events and bring these animals out into the public so they are able to interact with people outside of the shelter/rescue environment.

Any actively adoptable animal will always be present on our website and all social media outlets. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram under Friends of Toby! Please also share the posts so that these animals have the greatest opportunity to find a furrever home!

If you are not local to DFW, but know you want to add one of our Featured Animals to your family, let us know! We can partner with different organizations that help to transport animals, if that rescue or shelter allows it! 

Toby's Story

The group was named after an amazing dog named Toby who was born a little different, but never let that stop him from joining in on all the fun!

Meeting Toby

Co-founder Audra met Toby while she was volunteering at an animal rescue. Toby was a 7 lbs, blonde chihuahua, without fully-functioning back legs. It was speculated this was a birth defect and therefore he was surrendered young due to his "disability." 

Despite his "disability," he always wanted to be a part of the pack at the rescue. He was often overlooked at events, but Audra knew his spunky attitude made him one-of-a-kind!  

Adopting Toby

One day, Audra took Toby home for a week to her parents to get him out of the rescue environment. She hoped she could find him a home with a friend. Although, within minutes of her parents meeting Toby, they knew he was home! Toby was so excited to have another Chihuahua brother and sister!  

Loving Toby

As Toby grew older, other health issues arose. By 5 he had one enlarged eye and was completely blind a few years later, but that never stopped him from going on 2 mile walks with Dad or playing with his doggy sister, Maci. As Toby continued to age, simple tasks became harder, but they never stopped helping him and showing him all the love he deserved.

At the age of 9 Toby was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed. While Toby’s life was shorter than everyone wanted, those 7 years he got to spend with his humans were the best years of his life.

Friends of Toby Founded

Toby embodies an "imperfect" animal and was overlooked WAY too long. But when that right family came along, he knew they loved everything about him! 

We are helping animals like Toby, animals who are left at rescues because they don’t look or act “right". No animal is perfect, but every animal has a perfect family waiting for them, and Friends of Toby will help them find that happy ending! 

Meet the Team

Friends of Toby is made up of a group of amazing animal lovers who's mission is to help animals who have faced many challenges, find their deserving, patient and loving furrever homes!


Audra is a long-time animal lover, growing up with parents who took any stray cat that wandered up to the house looking for love. She has 2 wonderful rescue chihuahuas of her own, and two loving cats who happened to be foster-fails. Along with her house of animals, Audra has managed to foster 11 animals over the last couple of years, and now her friends call her before local animal control when they find an animal in need!


While Laura was always an animal lover, she only began working with rescues about 7 years ago. While helping a family member research a new pet, she came to understand the plight of shelter and rescue animals. She has been volunteering and donating to local rescues and groups for many years now. When she's not helping rescue animals, she's at home spoiling her senior pup, Harley!


Alexa knows that when a pup winks at you, you have to wink back. She grew up with an array of pets throughout her childhood. She now is accompanied by a quirky Husky that loves to wear socks and burps for attention. Her life truly revolves around her furry best friend, and loves the opportunity to unite others with theirs!


Rene’ is a firm believer that one can not have too many pets! Growing up, her mother instilled in her the value of fostering and taking care of countless stray animals. As an adult she has been lucky enough to love, care for and foster several cats and dogs. She currently has one rambunctious sweet Husky/Malamute and 3 amazing rescue cats. One of which is a foster fail. 


Rachel enjoys documenting the everyday shenanigans of her senior pets. She is happily owned by Nina, Lola and Mr. Spencer. She has enjoyed years of volunteering at several animal rescues because she knows the value it creates in both the pet's and owner's lives. She knows first hand, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!


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Write something about this member of your team to introduce them to your visitors.


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About us

We are an animal advocacy group focusing on "harder-to-adopt" and "long-stay" rescue animals in the DFW area. These animals have been at a shelter, rescue or in foster care longer than the average animal and are often overlooked. We help find them that perfect furrever home!

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