Success Stories!

We are so happy to share the success stories that evolve from Friends of Toby helping to find an animal the right family. Since we have just begun our mission, we will post our success stories with Friends of Toby on this page and social media outlets for you to enjoy!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the amazing animals that our Team and friends have saved over the years. These animals are all a little "different", but their furrever families knew they were just what their family needed!  


Her Story:
Ruby was found around 2-3 weeks old in a backyard with very bad eye infections, and one eye never recovered. It was also discovered she had Feline Herpesvirus and had to have moisturizing eye drops in her bad eye. 

Her Adoption:
Her new family fell in love with Ruby as soon as they saw her adoption posting. They were not afraid of the "extra work" it might take to give her a good life; they just had to have her!

Her New Life:
She is loving life and has grown up nice and big now. Ruby made friends with her doggy sibling and is best friends with the youngest daughter of the house...they follow each other everywhere. She is now getting all the love she deserves!  


Her Story:
Diamond was rescued from living in a stack of tires out in the hot Texas sun. She was 9 weeks old and only 8 lbs. It was quickly established that Diamond was also deaf. 

Her Adoption:
Diamond was a foster fail because her Foster Mom had developed such a strong bond when she was teaching her hand commands. She stole her heart, as well as the hearts of her other dogs, and she couldn’t imagine not having her. 

Her New Life:
She is now so spoiled, living her best life with her 5 other doggie siblings. Her Mom has also managed to teach her sit, shake, high five, stay, and come with sign language. She's a healthy 55 lbs, loves toys and treats and roughing around with her brothers! Her deafness doesn’t hold her back in the slightest and she actually “listens” better than most of my other dogs.


Her Story:
Daisy was found in an abandoned warehouse with three puppies and she only had three legs. She and her babies were captured and taken to the Plano Animal Shelter to get better. Daisy's puppies were adopted quickly, but Daisy wasn't so lucky. 

Her Adoption: 
Her adopter came into the Plano Animal Shelter looking for a companion for her 8 year old Chihuahua, Duncan. She had no intention of getting another Chihuahua since her parents already had 4 and she had one. But there was Daisy, a VIP animal, meaning she was harder to adopt. Well that was it, they fell in love...three legs and all!

Her New Life: 
Daisy and Duncan became inseparable! Since Duncan was a little older and Daisy had 3 legs, they had the same energy level! She was spoiled everyday with love, treats and short walks around the block! She now has two other cat siblings she can chase around the house! Daisy also thinks she runs the house, having to let every animal visitor know she's the boss!

Kip & Robin

Their Story:
Kip and Robin were found by a Good Samaritan and it was immediately apparent that they were inbreed and therefore they did not fully develop their sight or hearing. Robin has partially impaired vision and hearing, and Kip was blind and deaf. They were taken in by a local shelter to care for while a home was found. 

Their Adoption:
Kip and Robin spent a while at the rescue, attending adoption events getting a lot of attention, but no one ready to take on two special needs pups. Then the power of social media kicked in, their new Mom was waiting for them all the way in Montana! With the help of a transport group, it took 3 days to get to their new home, but they finally made it and were adjusting well from the Texas heat!

Their New Life:
They are now enjoying the lovely Montana sky, hanging outside when the weather permits. They are inseparable, and their new family is learning more and more about them each day!  Their mom says Robin has a mind of her own, and despite Kip being the bigger of the two, he's actually the lap dog!

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We are an animal advocacy group focusing on "harder-to-adopt" and "long-stay" rescue animals in the DFW area. These animals have been at a shelter, rescue or in foster care longer than the average animal and are often overlooked. We help find them that perfect furrever home!

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